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Pawl Stanley's Happily Ever After!

Pawl Stanley was quite the surprise for our organization. We searched shelters tirelessly for a dog to pull, but due to the pandemic, it's been extremely difficult to be successful.

Stanley was in the shelter for a month before we gave him his freedom ride. A family scheduled to adopt him backed out and the following day, we brought in our Starchild!

The shelter listed him as an Akita and a "dominant breed.” After our initial interaction, it was clear this 45lb Love Gun was not fitting that description. We were told he was stiff around dogs and he can't be near children, so we even had to sign a dominant breed waiver before releasing him. Stanley showed us NO signs of worry and our lead behaviorist Sylvia Wes confirmed his sweet and goofy demeanor.

With a little patience from his foster mom, Corinna, his personality continued to grow and we realized what a true gem this pup really is. So much so, it was a bittersweet send off to his forever home. Fosters are the heroes in rescue and there aren’t enough thank you’s in the world to give to Corinna & our team of foster rockstars.

Amber and Mike, the perfect duo to lead Stan Man to success! He's found a family to give him the proper structure to thrive, not to mention the love, affection and tons of laughs. One thing is also for sure, Stanley will entertain the heck outta them!

We don’t always know how the dogs we rescue end up on the streets or in the shelter system - but they always make their way to the family they were meant to be part of.

Happy forever after Pawl Stanley! If you wanna Rock N Roll All Night with Stanley who now goes by Bigsby, follow his new journey on instagram here: @bigsbyboi

" 'Cause I stole your love, stole your love

Ain't never gonna let you go

I, oh yeah, stole your love, I stole your love

Stole your love, I stole your love"



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