❤️ Got love?  

We supply everything, you just supply the love!

Fosters are the 💪 HEROES of the rescue world!

The dogs we bring in are all in serious danger of losing their lives due to overpopulation in L.A. shelters.

Foster homes literally save their lives! Plus, the number of dogs we save depends solely on the number of people who will open their homes to fostering.

Please note in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic: 

As a smaller rescue with limited resources, we must seek long term fosters. Once this is over (because it will be) we do not have a facility to bring the new dogs back to when you return to work & may be unable to balance both. 

We encourage you to foster with the shelter programs, large rescues organizations that have facilities or if you’ve been considering adopting...

Now is the time to foster to adopt!


Thank you for having the compassion to help the dogs in need during these surreal times. 

🤔 FAQs

Although our dogs don't expect much - they just want to be loved - we get it, you may have a lot of questions before you let this four legged friend crash at your pad:

How long should we expect to foster a dog?

The time varies depending on the rescue dog. The typical duration is two months. In rare, severe medical cases, dogs might be fostered up to one year. 


How much will fostering cost our family?

Nothing at all! All expenses involving vet care, medicine, food and supplies are covered by Paws of L.A. Rescue.


What are our responsibilities as a foster family?

Taking good care of a rescue dog involves feeding, walking, cleaning, grooming and socializing. Overall you should expect to provide a lot of love and care. Some rescue dogs are frightened, stressed or sick and may require additional TLC and patience . A frightened or shy dog may require extra weeks of attention and socialization to prepare for adoption. Dogs with medical conditions may require extra medication or frequent trips to the vet. Puppies may require bottle feeding and a few trips to get their vaccinations. Paws of L.A. Rescue can provide transport volunteers for frequent trips, but in the past our fosters prefer transporting the dogs.

Can I choose which dog I want to foster?

After completing out the Foster Application and consulting with our Foster Coordinator, the assigned coordinator will work with you to coordinate the right dog for your home and lifestyle.

Do I have the responsibility to choose who adopts our foster dog?

We have Adoption Coordinators who vet and screen all adoption applicants before arranging the meet and greets, home checks and finalizing the adoption contract. However, we LOVE and welcome our fosters' input. After all, they know their foster dog the best!

I've never fostered a dog or animal before. Am I qualified?

Our fosters are carefully coached and prepared to be set up for success. We also continue your education to benefit the dogs, fosters and our mission.





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