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Success Stories

"I wanted to find a dog to adopt that maybe wouldn't be first on many peoples list to adopt..."


Biggie Smalls' Happily Ever After!

How ya livin’ Biggie Smalls? It’s official... Biggie has been adopted!


Fred Astaire's Happily Ever After!


 A little terrier trembled in fear as he sat awaiting his fate at Baldwin Park Shelter.

Frame 21.jpg

Carlos Santana's Happily Ever After!

As it often happens, friends of Paws of L.A. Rescue asked if we could help a little senior chi 

successful stories.jpg

Thank you!

We appreciate every family that fosters or adopts our furry friends and gives them a loving home! Please share your stories with us. Your stories will inspire and encourage more people like you to save lives together with us!

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