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Carlos Santana's Happily Ever After!

As it often happens, friends of Paws of L.A. Rescue asked if we could help a little senior chi that was looking for a safe and loving place to call home. His owner who had loved him from the time he was little, found himself in a position where he had to give him up and his family did not want him either. With a heavy heart, he handed his tiny companion to a friend to care for. Unfortunately, he was also not in a good place to care for him either. One evening, by chance, our friends were walking their dogs and ran into this gentleman and they began to talk. This led to one phone call and it wasn’t long before he was safe in our loving arms.

This tiny lad was taken to the vet to make sure he was medically sound. But his x-rays showed a broken heart. We promised to fix that with heaping amounts of love. We named him Santana. Carlos Santana.

We had a wonderful foster family ready to take him in and as soon as he was ready to go, we bundled him up and transported him to a home where he would be loved, cherished and wanted until his forever home was found.

We arrived and we instantly knew that Chalisse, Trevor and Santana would write beautiful music together. You see, they had recently lost their fur child and were deeply grieving. It was our hope that Santana would help heal their hearts and they, his. The updates we received were photos of one happy little boy. It wasn’t long before Santana’s tail began to wag once again. We would take him to his medical appointments where he would begrudgingly go but his joy was coming home to his foster home.

We received applications and had a couple of meet and greets but for some reason, they weren't the right homes. The search continued.

A little over a month ago, we received the best news! We had foster fails. They realized that Carlos was happy in their home. They loved him deeply and they wanted to make him a member of their family.

Today, Carlos Santana knows he has found his forever home where they spoil him rotten. He goes to work with his mom and he makes sure all 7lbs. of him protects her and her heart. When they come home, he switches places to make sure his dad gets equal time of course.

We want to thank our village for your donations and for your support! Thank you to Beverly and Marta for your love of animals and for bringing this special boy to us. And last but not least, thank you, Chalisse and Trevor, for opening your hearts and your home to this little musician! He will never replace your angel but he will bring a beautiful melody into your hearts.

Dearest Carlitos, We are so happy that you are happy and home at last. Be a good boy. Take good care of your mom and dad and know that we love you forever and ever and then some!


Paws of L.A. Rescue Team

"Love of my life⁣⁣ Angels above⁣⁣ Sent you at last⁣⁣ To stay always near me.⁣⁣ Now we are one⁣⁣

Never to part⁣⁣." ⁣⁣

~ Carlos Santana⁣


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