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Tina's Happily Ever After!

Well little Tina, you’ve truly taken us all on a windy road this year. Our soulful lady was dropped off at a shelter with a wound on her back and placed on a medical rescue only list. Off we went to pick her up.

When her wound healed and she was spayed, the vet found a small mass. During this time she had to see a specialist to confirm if her luxated patella needed surgery. Did not! A couple of weeks later, that mass was removed. After THAT healed we continued with the plan to get her in consistent positive reinforcement training sessions. Never can, never will... can’t hold her down!!!!


We already knew after her initial assessment she’d need someone to take it extra slow with. Tina was particularly fearful of dogs who gave her no space and just the sweetest girl with humans.

Beautiful in every single way, she’d found her forever home with Annie, her foster-to-adopt momma, when Annie told us she’d work through anything and everything with Tina. She was her everything and was brought to tears her very first night with Tina.

Happy forever after Tina, now known as Rhi Rhi (short for Rhiannon)! Your new chapter can only go up from here!

"Makes me that much stronger

Makes me work a little bit harder

It makes me that much wiser

So thanks for making me a fighter"

~ Christina Aguilera


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