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Simon & Garfunkel's Happily Ever After!

We received a call from a Good Samaritan that these brothers were hanging outside at a friends farm 24/7 and needed homes. Concerned about the dogs being neglected and in summer heat, Paws of L.A. Rescue came to sweep these boys off their paws! ⁣

It was quite the challenge and their story prior to our care is clouded. We know they were at the animal shelter in Riverside prior to their location of pick up/surrender and that they were puppies. Neither dog was very welcoming to humans, as we believe they didn’t have much human interaction previous to being in our care. We tirelessly tried to get them out from under the van - they were skittish and just wanted to be together. This dynamic duo was quite the pair!

Weary to separate these brothers, it was recommended by Sylvia (@dogupinthisbitch), our Lead Behaviorist that they foster in separate homes. This was the best thing we could have done for these brothers, because they both shined into their own characters.⁣

Simon’s separation anxiety with humans grew as he was supposed to be decompressing boarding. We knew his next home would need to have the experience to take on separation anxiety and the training commitment. There isn’t an easy overnight solution.

After reviewing MANY applications for this guy, we found Charlie and Erika’s application. Charlie had experience with separation anxiety in previous rescue dogs he fostered, so this gave us the confidence to move forward as a Foster to Adopt situation first.

Well… Señor Simon has gained quite the confidence and his playful, loving and goof ball attitude slowly came out! Simon isn’t 100% anxiety free, but he sure is on his way! He’s got a great family to help him see this through.⁣

And Garfunkel, he doesn’t know it, but oh man, he was a rollercoaster of emotions. ⁣⁣Garfunkel came to us as the tinier and shyer brother. When his lab work came back showing high liver enzymes, we had several vet opinions regarding the health of this loving boy. Figuring out his next steps, we intensely raised what we could for testing. He was diagnosed with a shunt, but clinically he’s been doing wonderful.

His foster parents Asia & Alfonso fell completely in love! Not only did they decide to adopt, they wanted to take care of his next steps of treatment. They understand all the options provided and know that our team is here to help in ANY way we can. To us, the perfect family is one that will treat our rescues like sentient beings and only as part of the family. He has that and more. Garfunkel is now Huitzilopotchtli, meaning Aztec god of the sun and the war. Huitz (for short) has a special trait: Dogs that otherwise wouldn’t get along with others, don’t seem to mind if Huitz is around one bit. Asia and Alfonso like to think he’s a healer in his own way.

Congrats Simon & Garfunkel (now Huitz) you beautiful boys! You've both landed jackpot homes with Charlie & Erika and Asia & Alfonso by your side forever.⁣

PUPpdate: Check out their reunion below. Can you tell them apart? :)

Homeward bound

Home where my thought's escapin'

Home where my music's playin'

Home where my love lies waitin'

Silently for me

~ Simon & Garfunkel


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