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Fred Astaire's Happily Ever After!

In November 2018, Paws of L.A. Rescue answered a plea for help. A little terrier trembled in fear as he sat awaiting his fate at Baldwin Park Shelter. We pulled him and within minutes of his freedom ride, he began to crash. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and the doctor was not sure he was going to make it,but this little entertainer was meant to dance again, so together we began the fight for his life. With YOUR donations, this little boy survived and within a month, he left E.R. and into the sunset.

Fred Astaire was a different dog after a couple of weeks with his foster mom. She patiently showed him the steps to a new dance called LIFE. All that was left was to find him THE perfect family. That’s when Jennifer and her family joined the cast. Their “resume” was perfect and was followed up by a phone call and a meet and greet. Fred let us, his agents, know that this was the role of a lifetime. One that he couldn’t turn down.

So on a Saturday while Los Angeles was being soaked by pouring rain, he said goodbye to his foster mom and hello to his newly adopted family.

We are grateful to each and every one of our donors! Because of you, Fred Astaire is ROCKIN’ OUT in his new home and to his new name: Freddie Mercury. Thank you Melissa for being his life coach and thank you to his new family for making the on-screen romance come true.

Our dearest little Freddie Mercury, we are so honored to have been been a part of your life. You are OUR champion, my friend. You are the champion of the world!

Follow his new adventures here!:@freddiethedoggo445


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