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My #FosterFail Story

I was very surprised with fostering. The best way to describe it is, watching a dog for a friend you haven’t met yet.  The rescues make sure to match you with a foster where you and the dog can help each other grow and thrive. It can be hard to let them move on to another family, but it is so fulfilling  knowing you changed the course of both the pups and their family's future by just a little bit of love in the right moment of transition.

It changed my mind about the breeds I’m compatible with, I never thought I would ever love a chihuahua, but it let me see past breeds and see their individual personalities more.

I was given the tiniest, scared and older Chihuahua, he charmed everyone and grew into this lovable and happy gentleman. Fostering is a wonderful way to change a sad story into a hopeful one for a dog.  Most dogs just need a little love and safety to blossom past past traumas and fears. Fostering lets you be that fairy Godmother in that fairy tale. You get to put a little love in and help them get the confidence for their happy ending.

Every dog needs a chance, just fostering for an emergency night or a month or two helping them learn some basic manners so they can find that perfect forever home, lets you be a little bit of light in a chaotic world.

- Chalisse O.


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