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My First Foster Experience!

My first fostering experience was amazing. I was very nervous at first, it was my first time fostering and I wanted to make sure I could give the time and energy needed to be successful. The Paws of L.A. Rescue team were always a phone call or text away to provide guidance and celebrate the big and small victories.

I was lucky enough to foster Fred Astaire, as soon as we both got to feel each other out we got to start prepping him for his forever home. The Paws of L.A Rescue team was always there to help with his separation issues and talk through all the unexpected things that pop up. Within a week we were buds and I could see him get some confidence and see him happy.

We gave each other a lot of love and we practiced patience together and in the end we both came out of this successfully.

I was sad to let Fred go but was so happy to see him go to the best family possible and really get to see how much grew in the short time I had with him. As soon as I am in a place again to foster I would do it all over again.

Paws of L.A Rescue makes the process easy, they are knowledgable, supportive and most importantly they truly care for their fosters. I have learned so much through the process and hope more people decide to foster or adopt. 

- Melissa O.


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