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Joni Mitchell's Happily Ever After!

I am on a lonely road and I am traveling

Traveling, traveling, traveling

Looking for something, what can it be? 

The face of utter neglect, a cruel road led Joni to the shelter where we pulled her to safety and to love. She was an owner surrender that had been left outside to suffer the elements on her own, eating scraps and left overs of human food that were tossed her way. Underneath all the mats was a beautiful little girl wanting to love and to be loved. 

After months of working with her and getting her to understand that life could be glorious, we received word that Ant and Sloane, previous fosters of ours were wanting to expand their family even more. They just had a baby girl that had recently turned one and they felt it was time. It was kismet! Joni was a perfect fit for them and for Belle, their daughter.

We took it slow with a couple of visitations and then a slumber party, but this time the guest never returned to her foster. They were in love and wanted to make her a permanent member of the Neely family. 

Joni Mitchell is an amazing little girl that lived in pain for the first two years of her life, but no more. This time the tables turned and we were happy our rescued stork delivered another beautiful girl into Ant and Sloan’s and now Belle’s life. Last Sunday, we drove over to finalize the contract and now, Ant and Sloane were not the ones saying goodbye, instead HELLO JONI and WELCOME to OUR family. 

You are home Joni Mitchell!


Paws of L.A. Rescue Team and your foster siblings Lucy, Fred n’ Ethel and Huey


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