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John Lennon's Happily Ever After!

In late June, we received a message of a family wanting to relinquish their 9 month old puppy. He’d accidentally killed the family’s bunny. Although devastating, we knew he could get by with a little help from his friends at Paws of L.A. Rescue.

To raise a well behaved canine citizen, all family members must participate in training. Sadly, only one member of the family continued training instructions. As a result, Lennon developed unpleasant behaviors like jumping, mouthiness and very little confidence. With the family bunny gone, they grew resentment towards Lennon. 💔 Because he was left unsupervised with the bunny, can he really be at fault?

The day we met Lennon, we knew he needed guidance and we were just the team to step in and provide it!

We reviewed an application from a married couple, Luke and Sandra (who’d actually applied for Pawl Stanley) and noticed Luke had extensive Golden Retriever care. When asked if they were open to foster Lennon, they welcomed him with open arms! The intent was to adopt, given that bonds formed organically.

Luke and Sandra took his sad song and made it better! With the use of positive reinforcement techniques daily, Lennon’s progress sky rocketed. Our team had a hunch that this was a 100% match and by the end of the month Luke and Sandra dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s. It’s OFFICIAL!

Life is very unpredictable these days, but it’s with certainty that these three will have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead.

Lennon (now going by Kubrick) won’t have a social media, but we’ll be sure to post updates! Thank you to Sylvia and Jessica for not only bringing this boy to us, but continuing to help train and check in so frequently.

"And when the broken-hearted people

Living in the world agree

There will be an answer

Let it be"

~ The Beatles


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