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Dear Mork

An open letter to Mork (formerly Pepe) from his Mommy (Gloria):

Dear Morkie,

People think that I rescued you, but in reality, you were the one who rescued me. When I saw your video and read your story, my heart broke for you. I wanted to find you and give you the biggest hug and kiss, because I knew that you had just experienced a heart break; someone you loved, broke your trust.

I know how that feels, because I've had my trust broken before. It makes you feel like you can’t trust anybody around you. You heart hurts and you wonder if you could ever trust again. You see, not a lot of people realize that unlike us, dogs give us their love and trust with no questions asked.  Your loyalty, knows no boundaries and once you give it, you never take it away. I think if people knew that, we wouldn’t have so many furry babies being mistreated it.

As I was getting my house ready for you, I was a little nervous wondering how I would be able to show you that you were not alone anymore and how to trust.  Mainly, because I still find it hard to trust some people around me. When you came home, all I wanted to do was give you a hug and never let you go, but I know you needed time to adjust and feel secured.

Since that day, my life has been filled with wonderful memories. You see little by little, I think we both learned to trust again. Every day with you is an adventure, from morning to night. I don’t mind when you give me doggy kisses all over my face or when I come home and noticed that you chewed my Avengers DVD cover (I like DC better), and pretend that you didn’t do it.

I get doggy kisses every day, I have a cuddling buddy to watch TV with, someone that listens to me when I need to vent. You are there to lick my tears away and to protect me while I’m sleeping at night. Even when you hog the blankets or snore loud enough that wakes you up, I still love you.

Your bear hugs are the best during a stressful day at work. Your aunts love seeing you smile, and spoil you to death. You love belly rubs, treats, and chasing squirrels, and following me around.  As I’m looking at you, I realized that God knew what I was missing in my life and helped me find you.

Mork, thanks for being my baby and for teaching me that sometimes, as humans we forget that no one is perfect. Some people will hurt us, but we shouldn’t allow that stop us from taking chances.  You took a chance with me, and I promise I will make sure to show you every day how much you are loved.

Thank you for loving me and letting me become your mommy. I don’t care what anybody says, you are my baby and even when you misbehave or drop me on my butt trying to give me hugs.  I can’t imagine my life without you.

Love Always,



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