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Ask Gizmo!

Paws of L.A. Rescue is excited to announce the launch of our new dog-centric advice column:

“Ask Gizmo!”

Do you ever find yourself wondering things like...

“Why on earth does my dog do that?”

“What is the best way to introduce a new dog to my current fur buddy?”

“I want a purebred dog. How can I adopt one?”

Paws of L.A. Rescue’s wise mascot Gizmo is the dog parent's go-to resource for all your pup-related queries!

Each week Gizmo will select a question to answer and post his expert advice on Paws of L.A. Rescue’s website and social media channels. So stay tuned!

Have a doggie question or problem? Ask Gizmo!

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Psst: Although Gizmo is very smart, and has many areas of first-hand expertise, he has yet to pass the bar or his vet exams. So best to get the final word on medical or legal related issues from your favorite vet or lawyer.


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