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You asked about veterinary telehealth! Gizmo answered.

Gizmo, what's the deal with virtual vet appointments? ~ Amber

Hey Amber! Easy...Getting Online Vet Care is Just an App Download Away.

Online veterinary care is an incredibly effective way to get an answer, fast. Technology has come a long way. You can now connect instantly to a veterinarian through an app, 24/7. The peace of mind pet parents get from knowing they are chatting with a licensed veterinarian who can actually help them is priceless. I’ll let my friends at Airvet explain further…

Telemedicine vs. Telehealth?

Veterinary telehealth encompasses all uses of technology to deliver health information or care remotely. Examples of this include tele-triage and tele-advice. “Telemedicine” is a form of tele-health and may only be conducted within an existing veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR), with the exception for advice given in an emergency care situation. Telemedicine allows veterinarians to diagnose and prescribe virtually, whereas telehealth does not allow veterinarians to diagnose or prescribe to a pet they have not seen in person. Telehealth is great for triage, specialist questions, and general advice because the pet owner is allowed to speak with virtual vets about any issues their pet may be having.

Connect to a veterinarian 24/7

The instant connection to licensed veterinarians is not only convenient, but it’s also essential to pet parents who cannot access affordable veterinary care easily. It’s important to choose a reliable service that connects you to a licensed veterinarian. Whether it’s a question about an odd new behavior, a scary looking rash, or helping your pet on their path to recovery from an illness, a licensed veterinarian can guide you to the right decision for you to make as a pet parent.

Airvet is a virtual veterinary service that only connects you to a licensed veterinarian and they do it in seconds, 24/7. Check them out at The reliability of Airvet’s service gives peace of mind to pet parents when problems, big or small, pop up.

Get peace of mind For some of us, being a pet owner really means being a pet parent. Like all parents, we want to protect our furry babies. But we need the right resources to be the best pet parents we can be, and sometimes we need answers immediately.

With a virtual vet, you can ask any question you want, about any subject related to your pets. Whether it’s the right way to crate train a dog, the right diet for your dog with allergies, or a question about a concerning new behavior in your dog, a virtual vet can and should advise you! No car, no traffic, no cheesy lobby music - just you, your pet, and a professional vet.

Is this a replacement for regular veterinary checkups?

No, speaking to a virtual veterinarian is not a replacement for in-person care. In-person care is important to gather data on your pet like weight, blood pressure, and other vital signs. In addition, if your pet has any chronic conditions or needs medication, an in-person visit is needed to diagnose and prescribe medications. Yearly preventative appointments can catch issues before they snowball and get worse for your pet. An online or virtual visit is best for urgent questions or to confirm a diagnosis.

Want to speak to a virtual vet right now? Download Airvet and use the code PAWSLA for 50% off your first call!

Paws of L.A. Rescue was not compensated by Airvet to publish this blog post.


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