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Four Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Typically, senior dogs are often overlooked at the shelter. But, they can be great companions! Here are five reasons you should adopt a senior dog.

1. They’ll know the Ropes

Older dogs typically know how to behave in a home. Older dogs will have the instant-knowledge of good home manners. A senior dog has likely been through the home training so they won’t chew up your shoes or your furniture when you’re not looking! Older dogs can easily transition into their forever home.

Most senior dogs do not require intensive training or expensive training classes that a puppy would need. They will know the ropes for leash etiquette and potty training outside the home

2. Less Supervision

While a puppy requires constant attention and care, a senior dog can typically be left alone. Senior dogs will be content while you go out for your errands or work. Senior dogs have had their time to be hyper puppies, now they just want to relax! If you find yourself having a busy schedule but still wanting a fun four-legged friend, a senior dog would be perfect for your lifestyle.

3. Laid Back Life

If you find your lifestyle to be more laid back, a senior dog would be the perfect addition. Senior dogs have had their puppy years to be hyper-active. While they will always enjoy a brisk walk, they also value their time to relax with you on the couch and provide plenty of cuddles!

4. So Much Love to Give

Senior dogs still have plenty of love to give! Adopting a senior dog provides them with the opportunity to continue to show their love and appreciation in their golden years. In return, you get the experience of joy and love from your new companion.



Are you interested in adopting a senior dog? Fill out an adoption application with Paws of L.A. Rescue to find your new forever-friend.


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