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You asked about pet tracking. Gizmo Answered!

This week Maryanna asked: How necessary is a microchip or tracking your pet?

Great question Maryanna. Gizmo knew just the right people to ask. His friends at Huan are experts in this field and they’ve broken it down for you...

Knowing your pet’s whereabouts is incredibly important. A pet tracker can be incredibly useful for your peace of mind or in the worst case scenario to bring them back home. So what kind should you choose? Pet GPS?


Huan Smart Tag?

Let’s dive in to all three and learn more. Click HERE.

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Psst: Although Gizmo is very smart, and has many areas of first-hand expertise, it is best to get the final word on medical or legal related issues from your favorite vet or lawyer.

See you next time! Toodaloo!


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