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Mick Jagger Site.jpeg

Approx. 4 y/o

36 lbs

 Terrier/Schnauzer Mix


Good with dogs

Good on leash

Crate Trained

House Trained



Sweet mellow Mick is ready for his forever home! He prefers someone who has a laid back life!

Does this soundslike you?


Fill out an Adoption Application today or read more about him below:


Mick Jagger Treats.png
Jagger on walks
Mick Jagger Smile.png
Mick Jagger Treats.png
Mick Jagger.jpeg


If you're looking for the world's most NOT NEEDY dog, you've found your guy!

When we met Mick Jagger at the shelter, he was sitting as far away from us on the other side of the meeting area trembling. He slowly made his way up closer to get treats from the floor and sniff around us!

We brought him to our trusted trainer's home where Mick developed so much more confidence, to walks up to strangers instead of running the other way.  He walks well on leash, is fully crate trained and house trained. He's always been calm and friendly with other dogs - sniffs and moves along!


Mick just wants to chill ALL day and wait for you to get home from your errands, rather than join you. You'll basically live in harmony with him and go about your day! Mick is his happiest in a calm home because noisy environments startle him.

If you have a few friends over, he'll likely sniff around, then walk away to hang in the corner being the anti-social guy - but he likes it that way and you love him for that. Sure, he's shy around strangers, but will still be curious and walk up to a new human briefly. He's fine with their soft pets - if he gets a premium STINKY cheese in return! He’s so gentle taking his treats! 

Are you that special someone ready to love Mick Jagger forever?

Apply to adopt him!

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Mick Jagger TOT.jpg
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